A Place For Everyone, Part 2

Place Training, Part Two

Does this count as place? -Dean

Does this count as place? -Dean

Now that you’ve been working hard on place training with your dog and your dog understands they are supposed to stay on the “place” and remain calm and quiet, you can move to step two.

Step two is simple. Build duration.

How do you do this? Once your puppy is on place and quietly minding his own business you can sit nearby and let your dog spend some quality time on his place. You can watch TV, read, or work on something, but make sure it won’t take your main focus away from your dog. You need to always have one eye on him so when he gets up you can place him back in a sit before he leaves the place. If your puppy takes a nap the minute he wakes up you should give him the release cue and take him off the bed and straight outside. He will appreciate the opportunity to potty.

Continue this and once the puppy is reliably remaining on place while you sit nearby you can move to the next step, walking about the room while your dog is on place.

A few things to remember while place training:

  • Never give the puppy the opportunity to get off of place. Always try to be a step ahead and catch them before they get all the way off and place them back on the bed.
  • Always give the dog the release cue before allowing them to leave the place. If you let them leave without giving them the cue, they will learn they can exit the defined place area without the cue.
  • While training, remove all distractions in the room. Set your puppy up to succeed. Keep the area, the other dogs and people, and yourself quiet during training.
  • Don’t kick your feet, hang your hand over the chair, or lean over the puppy while he’s on place. This is very distracting and you’re basically inviting the dog to play with you.
  • It’s usually a good idea to work on place after a walk or play session. Your puppy will be ready to chill out and relax.

Good luck, guys! And happy training!


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