Just Leave It

Just Leave It

Teaching Leave It, Part One

Leave it is probably one of the most useful cues you can teach your dog, and definitely one that can save their life. It’s so easy to teach that it’s a serious crime if your dog doesn’t know it!!

Start with these 4 simple steps: (You’ll need your clicker, your treat bag, and a place to sit.)

  1. Put your clicker in one hand and a few treats in the other.
  2. Close your treat hand and place it down in front of your pup.
  3. Wait until your pup stops licking, pawing, and nipping at your hand to get the treats, and click the very moment they look away.
  4. Give them a treat out of your clicker hand.

There you have it. It’s that simple. Once your dog starts to understand that looking away from your hand gets him a reward you can start to build duration by waiting a few seconds before clicking. Then you can add the cue by saying “leave it” as your pup looks away.

You can teach this to any age dog, so you can’t use the excuse that your dog is too old!

That’s part one of leave it. Trust me, it might take a few minutes for your dog to look away the first time, but then they will get it quickly and they’ll love this game! Check out the short video below demonstrating this training.

Practice with your dog and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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    • You can start as soon as you get your pup home. They are never too young or too old to begin learning leave it!

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