Keep Calm and Carry On, Part One

Cinder - Impulse Control

Impulse Control, Part One

Diabetic Alert Dog in training, Cinder, helps demonstrate ways to start work on training for impulse control in the video below.

Distractions can be dangerous for a service dog. If they can’t control their excitement and impulsively jump at, chase after, or grab something, bad things can happen. Cool, calm, and collected is the goal for every service dog.

To achieve this puppy “zen” in all situations I start small, in an area without distractions, and I present small, calculated distractions and reward when the dog chooses to focus on me. I wait for eye contact, then click and treat.

As he continues to do well, I continue to increase the difficulty. Take it slow! Don’t rush! I didn’t go as far as to bounce the ball on the first training session and you shouldn’t either! Make sure your dog succeeds at each step before moving to the next.

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