Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat.

Dean at the Vet

It brings a smile to my face when my dogs enjoy being at the vet and behave so wonderfully!

Dean got so excited about Christmas that he got an upset tummy and some pretty stinky diarrhea! Haha. So….we made a quick trip to the vet.

Christmas decorating isn’t why Dino has diarrhea, but he’s had excessive and very loose stool for a couple of days so we are here getting a check up.

It’s always good to know your dog’s eating and bathroom habits so you can catch anything out of the ordinary quickly before it turns into something much worse. I always take time to walk my dogs to ensure they have a healthy poo after each meal. If you don’t know your dog’s bathroom schedule start paying attention so that you can guarantee they go often enough, and that its a good consistency and color. You never know when you might end up at the vet with an issue and the doctor might ask if you know when the dog had his last bowel movement and what it looked like.

Poop is a part of life. Pick it up and move on. 

2 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat.

  1. Mr. WR Lincoln REQUIRES a walk to do his “business”. I remember Mr. Stewart telling us at puppy picking that “his dogs” like a walk after meals for just such reasons. Thanks for the reminder, BillieClaire! Now if everyone in my neighborhood would just pick up after their dogs, we’d be set!

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