Why They Call Me Ridogulous

Hey there! I’m Billie Claire. According to my boyfriend, Jerry, my life is ridogulous.


He came to this conclusion after years of watching my escapades with my animals. From dealing with a service dog that pooped in Books-A-Million (and learning they had a great steam cleaner for cleaning up those types of messes, not from dogs, but from children!), to lying in the floor of the store crying when clients picked up a dog, to nursing a sick baby goat back to health and administering shots of penicillin every 6 hours, 24 hours a day, for 16 days, to the previously said dog pooping in public AGAIN at Wal-Mart, there is a never ending supply of outrageous, and sometimes bizarre, stories of my daily antics with my animals. I get asked training questions all the time, and decided I wanted to share my every day dealings with animals with anyone who would read them! Thus, the Absolutely Ridogulous blog was born.


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  1. Hi Billie Claire! We just got our WR pup last week (Luke/Dolly) and so far so good but I do have a question. We have been using the puppy leash whenever he isn’t in the crate or tie out. Is this ok or am I causing trouble down the road when we leash train? Thanks , Janet

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